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About Us

Magic Happens Here Scents was born in 2021 when a spark turned into a flame. 
Brought to you from the girls behind Magic Happens Here Travel, in the year that turned their business upside down! 

In 2020, in the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Samantha and Michelle were searching for beautiful inclusions to their Welcome Boxes for their Signature Ladies and Schoolies tours to Disneyland. 

During that search, the date we would actually return to our second home continued to get further and further away and we craved a way to bring the memories of the Happiest Place on Earth home to Australia. 

That's when we knew that scents and memories have a special bond, one that makes our heart soar, dreams remembered and our senses come alive. We teamed up with Jodi from Swik Home and Body, and brought these memories to life. 

We worked together to capture our favourite scents and fill your home with the  love and memories that these parks create. 

Whether you are longing for your next trip, just returned, or planning your next Disney adventure. The Magic will always Happen Here.